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‘Abgase’ is German for exhaust fumes. This space is reserved for any content related to my interest in exhaust gas. I'm into anything where exhaust fumes are produced for fun, sport, or other frivolous motives (or no reason at all) – preferrably with two-stroke engines. If you enjoy the pungent smell of a two-stroke scooter passing you by in town, covering the neighbourhood in a thick blue haze, this is a place for you. Even more so if you enjoy to pollute the breathing air of others yourself!

If you are completely perplexed right now, and don't understand what this is or why anyone would be into something like that – I'll have to ask you to come back later, when I manage to put up an explanation for a more general audience again.

The Exhaust Gas Circle community site was unfortunately closed in November 2018, for technical and personal reasons. Towards the end, it was a meeting place for almost 300 exhaust fume enthusiasts and pollution proponents. We shared over 3,000 photos, 170 videos, and 200,000 private messages. Friendships were made, meetings were set up, and a lot of gas was burned unnecessarily. Maybe most importantly, for many members the site was where they first discovered that they were not "unique freaks", but their fondnesses were shared by many others around the world.

For that reason, I'm almost sure that I will want to do something with this site again, at some point in the future. Even sooner, I might try to find a way to host some original content here again, accessible to friends and previous members of the site. This may include photos I took at various motorsports events, magazine scans, clips from TV shows, and video recordings I made myself with some of the exorbitant polluters from my two-stroke collection (and various gear).

There are no concrete plans yet, though. Check back here on occasion for any updates. In the meanwhile, you can find me at some other places around the web – just follow the links below.

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